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Op Twitter volg ik al een tijdje Robert Parker jr. , de bekende Amerikaanse wijnjournalist -en criticus. Parker is al jaren bekend als auteur van de  Wine-buyers guide, zijn 0-100 punten systeem ( > 90 pnt en je wijn verkoopt ! ) en de website
Op twitter berichtte hij  zojuist over een teruggekeerde proefreis van Frankrijk en gaf zowaar enkele proeftips:

RobertMParkerJr: Want this job?...Just got back from France....while I never have given specific info out(no one ever asked), here is a taste of what I do,And have done for over 30 years, keeping in mind some very simple rule. 1. It is obligatory to taste every possible style from modern to traditional (most are a combination of both) 2. Taste as much as possible in a 12 hour day( rarely except any dinners-too tired basically. 3. Structure a trip that tries to visit most reference point properties supplemented by large peer group     tastings with syndicates.Taste light vintages before richer vintages.4. Pay your own way-stay and pay for a hotel, rent your own car, and have a state-of-the-art blood /alcohol device.5. Drink 2-4 liters of water per day.6. Get at least 8-9 hours of sleep per night-have no more than a salad or fruit for dinner. My biggest meal(only meal usually) is a hefty breafast at 6h30 AM-lots of eggs!'7. One rule is fundamental-if you can't focus 100% of your energy on the wines in front of you. You don't have sufficient passion to be a serious wine critic.8. Listen,be polite (it is a priviledge to taste), but make your own mind up, .which is actually quite easy if you taste several thousand wines from a given vintage over two+ weeks............
Ik wilde jullie dit niet onthouden..................
Bron: - Robert Parker

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