Thai Cooking

Perhaps one of the most challenging assignments I've ever had was to work on a culinary production featuring a cuisine I was hardly familiar with, namely that of Thailand. The assignment was to create six recipes, but that wasn't all. They had to be easy and needed to include ingredients that are readily available at every Dutch supermarket.
Before setting to work, I spent a few days reading up on Thai cuisine and watching YouTube films about authentic Thai cooking. I was especially interested in films showing authentic cooking in Thailand and not in some fancy studio. I also enlisted the help of my friend Vanessa who has visited Thailand many times, has taken cooking lessons in Thailand and recently gave Thai cooking demonstrations at a Dutch supermarket.
Writing and testing the recipes for this production was very rewarding. Mainly because it was a challenge I didn't hesitate to jump at (not that I ever do that), and also because I got acquainted with the wonderful flavors of Thai cooking. Those in the Netherlands can pick up a copy of Vriendin # 17 and try their hand at the dishes I created, which include a Thai beef salad, tom kha kai, a Thai stir-fry, pad thai, a green chicken curry and Thai fish cakes. Let me know if you try the recipes!
On a rather disappointing note, I was not credited for these recipes in the magazine. Instead, someone else's name was erroneously printed. My name does appear in the back, though. While I understand (especially because I work in publishing myself) that these things happen, I did find it a shame considering how chuffed I was about the results.

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