A Moment of Happiness... One of Many

It's Sunday evening. I've just finished dinner outside in my beautiful, little garden with the people (and dog) I love most. It's still warm outside. The kind of warmth that signals summer is finally on its way. Birds are singing their evening song, French records are softly playing, and I'm counting my blessings. Like I always do. 
I once considered doing the 100 happy days thing. In fact, I've felt kind of left out for not doing it. But the thing is, picking one happy moment per day would really, honestly be too difficult for me. Without sounding too 'peace & love' hippie, I am grateful for everything, and I can find joy in the most seemingly insignificant things. Such as how beautifully my lavender is growing. Or how children play in the park and run about without a care in the world. Their innocence and joy moves me. 
Waking up every morning, healthy and surrounded by more love than I could've ever wished for. That's my main source of happiness. But there are about a billion more happy moments, every day anew. How could I possibly choose just one?

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