Hungry for Lunch- The Club Sandwich

Club Sandwich
It is speculated that the club sandwich was an invention of the rather exclusive gentlemen's clubs that existed in the United States at the end of the 19th century. Whatever its origin, one thing is certain.  If I bite into a sandwich like this one, I am instantly transported back to the New York City delicatessens I so fondly remember.  The kind that serve you pastrami on rye or egg salad- always with a pickle. 
This is not a sandwich for those with light appetites. And if you're afraid to really open wide, then you might also want to skip this post. The rest of you can try the recipe as a delicious change of pace this weekend.
I prefer to serve my club sandwich as a hearty lunch, but it might also make a pretty delicious easy dinner if you serve it with a little cole slaw on the side. Whatever you choose, please... please don't forget a side of chips (the good kind) and a fat, juicy pickle.

Que Pasa New York?  Que Pasa New York? Hey! Hey!
Paola?s tips:
*The recipe is for 1-2 people, but feel free to increase the ingredients for more people, or bigger hunger. I also haven't been too specific here. An extra slice of bacon or just a little more mayo is not really going to change things much.
*Use a dry frying pan to crisp the bacon.  It will fry in its own fat. This goes very quickly so keep your eyes on your bacon!
*The gourmand in me strongly advises you to use the best bread you can get your hands on.  Not the gummy, white kind. I buy my bread at Le Fournil de S├ębastien and Vlaamsch broodhuys.

For 1-2 servings
3 thick slices of good bread, lightly toasted
red pesto
a little bit of nice, peppery rucola
1-2 fried eggs
2 slices of bacon
thinly sliced chicken breast
1-2 cherry tomatoes
handful of chips, and a pickle, to serve
Begin by spreading some red pesto on one of your slices. Top with the chicken breast and a little rucola.Spread the second slice with some mayo and place it (mayo side down) on top of the chicken and rucola. Spread the top of that slice with more red pesto and top with the bacon and a little more rucola.Spread the last slice with some mayo and top off the sandwich. Use a sharp knife to cut the sandwich on the diagonal. Top with the fried egg.Finish the sandwich with the cherry tomato (you may want to secure it with a long toothpick), the chips and the pickle.

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