Sweet Inspiration, and a Raspberry Swiss Roll

It's been a while since I baked. The inspiration -- an essential part of my kitchen experiments -- just wasn't there for some reason. I've created approximately seventy recipes this year, yet none of them were desserts or pastries. And all of them were for clients. If you live in the Netherlands, you might have seen some of them in the women's magazine Vriendin. In fact, next week you can check out nine.
But here's a recipe that was born out of a blissful moment of free time. Nothing to do except leaf through a magazine, ponder weekend plans, catch my breath and drink prosecco. And honestly, those are the moments that produce the most delicious results. Sometimes inspiration can't be forced. It just happens. And here's what it looks like.

Raspberry Swiss Roll
Serves 8-10

5 eggs
110g sugar
seeds of 1 vanilla pod
jar of raspberry jam
pinch of salt
80g flour
icing sugar

Preheat the oven to 180C and line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar, vanilla and 3 tbsps of jam until nice and creamy. In the meantime, whisk the heck out of the egg whites (to which you've added a pinch of salt). Now fold the flour into the egg yolk mixture and continue by folding in the egg whites in three batches. Spread the batter evenly over the baking sheet and bake for 12-15 minutes. Allow the cake to cool slightly on a wire rack. Lay another sheet of parchment paper on your work surface, flip the cake onto the paper and gently peel off the sheet it baked on. Spread evenly with a nice layer of jam, roll tightly (you can use the clean sheet of baking paper for this) and refrigerate for at least an hour. Sprinkle with icing sugar, serve and smile.

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