A Sticky and Lusciously Sweet Pudding Cake

Tell me? How big is your sweeth tooth?

Well, mine just happens to be HUGE! I am a self- proclaimed sugar fanatic who has a hard time resisting things like dulce de leche (straight out of the jar), sugary meringues and bars of cheap white chocolate (higher sugar content). In a perfect world, I would eat nothing but sugar and still be healthy and fit! Alas! A girl also has to eat her fruits, veggies, lean proteins and whole grains.

Recently, I added a wonderful recipe to my repertoire of sinfully sweet desserts. I tried the recipe, courtesy of Greg Patent's book, A Baker's Oddyssey, for the latest issue of Desserts Magazine and oh am I glad I did! This is definitely a recipe I will keep in mind should I find myself going through one of my sugar- crazed moments.

I present to you the lusciously sweet Boschendal Pudding Cake- a soft, syrupy cake which is a dream to make and a dream to eat. You simply make the sponge and then drench it with a sweet, creamy sauce, allowing it to slowly seep into the cake. It is best to serve this cake warm but I find that it goes down just as well once cold. One thing I do recommend is a hearty, face- puckering ristretto to go with it!

For the recipe, please turn to pages 72-73 of Desserts Magazine. This issue, by the way, is their largest ever! Plenty of ideas to satisfy that naughty ol' sweet tooth of ours!

NOTE: In my experience, the amounts given for the sauce are a bit on the generous side. Half of that amount should suffice.

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