Villa Franciacorta Saten; een verticale proeverij

De Italiaanse kwalitatieve tegenhanger van Champagne is Franciacorta, gelegen ten noorden van Brescia ( Lombardije ). Kwalitatief op gelijke voet maar een stuk goedkoper!! Grote naam is uiteraard Ca`del Bosco maar onze eigen Villa Franciacorta is een rijzende ster!
collega blogger Kyle Philips had het voorrecht aan te schuiven bij een verticale proeverij van Villa`s saten. Lees zijn proefoordeel en overtuig je van vooral de houdbaarheid van Vintage Franciacorta spumante.
Villa Franciacorta Satèn: A Vertical
Satèn is Franciacorta's reply to Champagne's Crémant, a softer, more seductive sparkling wine initially developed by Cà del Bosco and Bellavista (they allowed all to use the term after the French were given rights to Crémant) to attract those who might be put off by drier sparkling wines such as Brut or Pas Dosé. As such one might expect it to be less interesting than its drier cousins. And in some cases it is.But not as many as one might think, however, because it quickly became quite popular, and Franciacorta's sharper producers realized it had become one of their most important calling cards, a way to get people to try their wines, and then (hopefully) move up the scale towards their top bubbly. One doesn't stint with a calling card, and when Villa's Alessandro Bianchi decided to introduce his Satèn in 1995, he didn't cut corners in the slightest.What he did do was favor approachability over complexity and depth, because at the time the Italian taste for sparkling wines was much less sophisticated than it is now. We will get to the 95 presently.
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