Joie de Vivre

I really love to make my house, my garden and my life into something beautiful. Surrounding myself with pretty things and really enjoying my life is a pleasure I take very seriously.  Why?  Because I'm a firm believer in what the French call "joie de vivre".
It's little things that mean a lot.  Like fresh flowers, straight from the garden.  Or cooking a meal with something you grew yourself.  Perhaps sharing a glass of good wine and a slice of chunky terrine de campagne with someone you love.
One of the things that brings me great joy is to play around with my house's decor.  In the summer and spring, I like to add soft, sweet colors to the house. Lavender, dusty rose, cool shades of blue.  I especially love the moment when I can harvest a bunch of lavender and hang it all over the house. What a treat for the senses!
I love buying pretty, feminine things.  Like new plates! There's nothig like the thrill of finding that special plate.  I couldn't imagine having everything match!
Sometimes I bump into something so gorgeous, it makes my heart flutter.  Like a beautiful cafe au lait bowl at an antique market in the south of France!
And then there are those things that hold a lot of sentimental value.  Like my mother-in-law's tartelette molds.
Little thing bring me great joy. Like a happy, welcoming sign on my front door.
Spoiling myself is an everyday necessity!  Imagine if life only consisted of busy agendas and unpleasant meetings! That's why there's nothing quite like starting the day off properly.  Give me a toasted baguette, good butter, fruity jam and a nice paper- I'm a happy woman!
Isn't it fantastic when you can enjoy a cup of tea in a lovely place?  And from a lovely cup?
So what are you waiting for?  Go start adding a little joie de vivre to your life as well!
In the meantime, you can find me (and a good book) right here!

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