Unseasonably Warm

According to the weather experts, this past Easter weekend was the warmest since 1901.  On Saturday, my thermometer read 28C! Even better (though not for the plants and farmers), the days were blue and cloudless with no chance of rain!  It wasn't even May yet and no, I wasn't in France!
Thanks to my Spanish roots, I am totally in my element when there's sunshine and warmth, so I was definitely not complaining.  Life suddenly moved outdoors and I loved that.  We ate breakast in the garden, our plants suddenly exploded and everything was green and lush.  Late afternoons were rounded off with a good Pastis and I started to feel the slight tingle on my skin which told me I was getting a little color.
Our meals got a lot lighter.  Salads took the main role, grilling was the cooking method of choice, I started to turn to warmer countries like Spain and Morocco for culinary inspiration and desserts were composed of fresh fruit. Out came the chilled Chardonnays and Sancerres. The heavier Bordeauxs somehow didn't seem just as interesting.
At the moment, it's looking a little Dutch again.  Less mediterranean. It poured and thundered yesterday evening and I was totally ok with that.  Not bad for the poor plants, and I can't say we didn't enjoy it! 

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