Unforgettable Duras

It's been a week since I left my beloved France, and yes, there have been a few moments when I had to sob or choke back tears (like right now, as I write this post).  I've always referred to France as "my heart's home" and that's because in France I blossom, come to life and really discover what joy is.
This year we headed back to Duras.  Mostly because we really enjoyed our vacation last year at Le Cabri- a small, family-run campsite where we rented a chalet and where Kirstie had the time of her life.  Everyday included swimming, playing with other children and hanging out in Duras for an ice cream or a drink at Cafe La Paix.
It was also an ideal vacation for us because we could savor quiet dinners at the local restaurant or walk into town (5 minutes up the hill) for a drink.  And of course, this was wine country!  We were right in the middle of the lush vineyards of Duras and not far from some of the most grandiose Bordeaux vineyards.
During these two magical weeks we visited local markets, felt like royalty while enjoying long, relaxed lunches (complete with amazing wines) in the warmth of the French sunshine, took drives along the vineyards and hills of bright sunflowers and shared drinks and jovial conversation with people we'll never forget.
We've always talked about a possible move to France and one thing which became very evident during this vacation was that Duras was definitely at the top of our list. This beautiful, friendly town has won our hearts. We felt it when we marched through town with the locals during La FĂȘte de la Bastille. We felt it whenever we had a drink at the local bar and we felt it when the day was done and we went to bed with smiling hearts.
This truly was an unforgettable vacation.  Unforgettable  because Duras has stolen our hearts in a way we never thought possible...

For a collection of some of our photos, please check out the following links:

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