Two Happy Guinea Pigs

We aren't really blessed when it comes to coffee houses in Almere.  Some do try, but they fail miserably with coffees that are too weak, too sweet, too big or too small. I once ordered a ristretto and got presented with a HUGE bowl of thin, way too bitter liquid.  Talk about disappointment. Last year, however, Marx O' Larry's came to the rescue.  Not just with scrumptious ice creams, but with coffees worthy of the pickiest  connoisseurs. 
I wrote about Marx O' Larry's here before, but must tell you again about our experience there this afternoon.  We walked in to have a little 'pick-me-up', not knowing we were in for an unexpected treat.  I decided on a Latte Nocciola (served in a tall glass, with milky layers, hazelnut and sweet, crunchy morsels of nougatine) and hubby had a Chocochip Cappuccino (yes, with actual chocolate chips!).  While waiting for our coffee, we were pleasantly surprised when two tiny glasses arrived at our table.  They were testing new recipes, and we happened to be the lucky guinea pigs!
The first sample was a thick, zingy, yogurt/ forest fruit shake.  After that, came yet another sample.  This time a light, fresh-tasting hazelnut milkshake. I loved the brightness of the yogurt shake while the hazelnut shake reminded me of the kind of milkshakes my grandmother made for  me as a child- mild and delicately sweet.  It's hard to decide which one I liked better, but if I really had to choose, I might just go for the yogurt/forest fruit combination. Interestingly enough, I wouldn't mind seeing what the hazelnut shake would taste like warm. As a bedtime drink, sort of like a Horlicks.
So, bring it on Marx O' Larry's! We were impressed! And by the way, the coffee was also wonderful.
For more information visit their website.

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