Review: Coco's Outback

When it comes to my eating preferences (not habits), I guess you can say I eat like a man. Yes, I love light, healthy and all that fun stuff, but give me a big, fat steak, perfectly grilled (if I don't see blood, I send it back) and you've never seen a happier girl. Not that I indulge in all that goodness all too often. But admittedly, I must have a proper steak a few times a month. With frites, a bottle of red and eaten with an Opinel knife. French style. In fact, steak frites is my standard 'welcome to France' meal. It's the first thing I order when I'm back on French soil.
This weekend hubby and I headed to Amsterdam for our Saturday lunch out. After wandering through Rembrandtplein where it was nearly impossible to find an empty table, we headed to Thorbeckeplein and quickly decided on Coco's Outback, an Australian pub (the only one in Amsterdam!). I think it was the 'lousy food and warm beer' under their name that did it for me. A place with a good sense of humor. The food just had to be good too.
We were immediately greeted by a very friendly waitress, ordered two chardonnays and opened the menu. It was somewhere around 3 o'clock in the afternoon and we were starving. Although Coco's offers a decent variety of hearty snacks (i.e., Dutch bitterballen, nachos and chicken wings), and dishes such as fish and chips, ribs and their own savory pies, it didn't take long for us to decide on their rib eye. Served with chips, onion rings, salad, a baked tomato and three sauces. 
Well, we weren't in France, and I wasn't at home eating my own perfect steak, but sweet lord was this GOOD! And I'm not only talking about the food. Even their red house wine (failed to ask what it was, sorry) was mellow and very drinkable. The service was also 'tip top ready to rock'! 
I think we'll be back soon. Very soon. But I may just start with a cocktail or two first.
Coco's Outback, Thorbeckeplein 8-12, Amsterdam

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