Meiki, Heaven Just Got a Little Happier

I remember when I first saw her and how incredibly cute I thought she was.  She wasn't only cute though, and sweet, but she also had something magical about her.  I just didn't know what during those very first moments.
As the years passed, she taught me so much.  She taught me patience. She showed me what it meant to have a good heart, and most of all, she taught me that unconditional love exists.
Boy, she was so intuitive! I'll never forget how she kept sniffing me with a worried look the day before I had my miscarriage. Or how she ran upstairs the minute Kirstie was born. And when I was afraid after some idiots broke into our house, she sensed it and stuck by me night after night, waiting until I would fall asleep.
You should've seen the energy that doggie had!!  She could run around the dunes relentlessly and she would follow us on the bike or the scooter without even blinking an eye!
She was with us for fourteen and a half wonderful years. And yesterday as we stood around, saying goodbye, I tried to think of all the good moments.  I tried so hard to be brave for her. I didn't want her to sense how I was crumbling inside. I just wanted her pain to end and I wanted her to go to that better place.
I bet she's digging holes in heaven now.
How we loved her. How we'll always love her...

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