Sometimes friends jokingly tell Hans how lucky he is to have me as a wife. Imagine that- a home-cooked meal ready on the table every day after he comes home from work! And look at the dinner parties I host! And how tidy my house (usually) is! Superwife!
Well, I certainly don't consider myself utterly virtuous just because I do what I love, and that, of course, is taking care of my family. The great thing is that my family also takes care of me!

Who could possible be more lucky than a wife who hears "I'm going to cook you breakfast this weekend"? Not just toast and coffee, but a proper cooked breakfast complete with grilled mushrooms, tomatoes and the best scrambled eggs ever. It doesn't end there though. Sometimes I get surprised with gorgeous dinners (like the time I was served Beef Wellington), complete with candlelight and lovely music.

The little one is also one heck of a culinary cutie. She's there to help with the preparation of anything sweet and she doesn't mind rolling all the meatballs for my pasta sauce.

Honestly, I think we're a lucky family.

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