Le Printemps!

It's finally happening! It looks like spring is about to make its entrance again! And yes, I know. We had snow last year at Easter, but I'll remain hopeful that it won't happen again this year. I need the sun and crave long days and all the bright colors and smells (not to mention tastes -- strawberries anyone?) that come with spring.

This morning I checked the weather forecast for Brussels this weekend and was delighted to see we won't be freezing when we're sipping wine at a terrace. Or, when we're drinking champagne and eating seafood for lunch at La Mer du Nord. I'm excited like a kid at Christmas!
Spring for me also means gardening. And this year the 'to-do' list is pretty big. I need to get those tiles back to their original terracotta color. The lavender... what to do with the lavender? The bushes are so big that they're hiding away (overpowering!) the thyme. All the hedges need a good trim. Old plants need to be removed. And oh my lordy... the weeds! Let's just think about the fun stuff for now. Like the millions of red geraniums that I usually get as soon as all that hard work is done. Or the Ricards we'll drink while we toil away!
Who knows? I may even plant courgettes and tomatoes again this year!
In the meantime, I wanted to share this recipe with you -- one that is light, fresh and perfect for spring. It's hardly a recipe, though. More like a great idea for an awesome sandwich.
Simply spread some good-quality tuna salad on a slice of bread, top with roast beef, dot with truffle mayo and scatter with capers and fresh greens. If you're feeling naughty, add a nice handful of chips. And don't forget that wine. Remember, a meal without wine is breakfast!
Enjoy! For now, I'll be singing along with Brigitte to this mellow, little tune!

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