In Love Again!

Yup. We just couldn't resist her. She looked so beautiful in the pictures we first saw.  But would we get her?  There was someone who had called first and was interested.  We were second in line.  The girl she was staying with (her foster mom), said she would let us know by 10 A.M. the next morning, exactly a week ago to the day.  What a wait!!  
Ten thousand things ran through our heads. Could she be the right one?  Would she mind terribly that I would be gone three days a week?  Was she really  house trained and would she listen?  Just how social was she? And why on earth would someone give her up??
The fears were put aside and off we drove into the Belgian countryside.  Everything was ready at home.  There was a new doggie bag, dog food was bought, the doggie bowls were washed and the pink bling-bling leash was dusted off. Now we just had to hope that she was the one.
And she was!  From the moment she saw us, she greeted us like we were old friends.  Licking our faces, jumping affectionately on us and just showing us tons of love. Were we really this lucky?!
Yes!  Tati-Chérie, our beautiful new girl, has been with us for a week and I'm convinced that she brought a piece of Meiki with her. Who knows?  Perhaps Meiki put in her two cents for us all the way up from doggie heaven.  All we know is that we've fallen in love again and that it sure feels good!
PS:  Let's just hope Tati's paws don't wear off from all that walking!!

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