Francophile's Day Out

Since moving to France is still a long way away, we try to live the Frenchest life possible while we're still here in the Netherlands.  Yes, that includes speaking French, eating French, behaving French and visiting events such as Amis de France- a fair meant for crazy Francophiles like us.
There was lots to see (mostly, lots to buy) and plenty to eat.  People were trying fresh oysters, braving the mile-long line for a tasty crepe or galette, playing petanque, purchasing French antiques, tasting wines or joining in on a French lesson by a Frenchman belting out tunes by greats like Charles Aznavour.
I really tried to be good, but I couldn't resist buying a French lace apron (in white- how practical), a wooden heart sign for the front door that reads 'bienvenue', a hanging plant basket (which we filled with pretty bright pink flowers and hung by the front door), a seriously French scarf and a dark gray tablecloth with lace-like accents.  Of course, we had to try one of the goodies from the crepe stand.  Kirstie had a crepe with white chocolate while Hans and I opted for a savory galette. Hans had one with bacon, eggs and gruyere and I had one with truffle paste, walnuts and gruyere.  The fact that they really slathered on the truffle paste made me a very happy girl.
It was a great day out.  We were inspied and once again reminded why we adore France and are intent on making all our French dreams come true.
À Bientôt!

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