Diary of a Francophile

Coming back from France is always a little hard. I don't know exactly why, but when I'm there I feel as though I've awaken. It's a funny feeling- as though I've been there before. Who knows? Maybe I was French in a past life! It's not that I don't love The Netherlands, it's just that France has won my heart in a major way.

One of the good things about coming back home though is all the inspiration I bring back with me. This year for example, I was inspired to marinate my own olives, make a pain de poisson (still working on a recipe), cook more Basque- inspired meals- and make my own canel├ęs! We tasted them in Bordeaux this year and I told Hans I would attempt to make them. Of course, I had no idea that my attempt would be so succesful! Hans said they were better than the ones we tried at a very fancy bakery in Bordeaux- and you know what? I think he's got a point!
I guess I'm Frencher than I think!

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