Culinary/ Creative Vacations in Our Heart's Home

We started toying with the idea a few years ago, after coming back, hearts heavy with nostalgia, from yet another magical vacation in France.  We wanted to do something in France, but what?  Two creative souls (one self-proclaimed gourmand/wine lover and an avid photographer/graphic artist) were eager to see what they could do in the country they both loved.
One summer evening, we were sitting outside by the fire, reminiscing about France, when the idea hit us.  What about combining our talents and offering culinary/creative vacations in the heart of France- Burgundy!  We could host groups at a lovely location for a week of cooking, photography, eating and relaxing. But where?
We were fortunate enough to come across an old, charmingly renovated flour mill in the quiet, little village of Cersot in the Côte Chalonnaise, not far from the cozy wine village, Buxy.
We went to have a look and instantly fell in love. Hill after hill of rolling lush vineyards welcomed us and made our French hearts smile. And that before we even arrived at the mill and saw how beautiful the surroundings were.
The views of the hills are magnificent and the tranquility is only interrupted by the gentle chirping of the birds and the small river that quietly flows by the front of the house.  In the summer, it is an oasis of green filled with shady spots to relax in the afternoon sun.  And in the autumn it becomes a fairytale of reds, bright orange and golden yellow. Oenologist, Nadine Gublin described the area, vineyards and wine as follows:
"Each morning when I pass by these magnificent east-facing hillsides, I say to myself that I am really lucky to live here, especially in autumn, what a spectacle!  And at sunrise, what light, what brightness!  Made of gold, and the vines! These precious Montagny, at the same time trim, clear-cut and finely spiced.  They have a seductive bouqet, fresh and delicate, of white fruit, of tender nut, of acacia honey, of ferns, verbena and lime-blossom tea.  All this brought forth by the earth's minerals that gives them such a magnificent potential over time. I love this assertiveness."
Guests will be spoiled with everything the accommodation has to offer.  The large house is decorated with many nostalgic elements that are characteristic of a French grandmother's house. There is lots of copper and pottery in the cozy kitchen and each large bedroom has good beds (I detest horrible beds!).  In the comfortable bathrooms you'll find proper showers and in the sitting rooms you can unwind in front of the wood stove with a glass of local wine. Should you want to connect with nature, there are plenty of places outdoors to make photographs, draw or hide away with a good book.
And of course, it will be a week where we will visit wonderful places and meet lovely people, cook like the French, eat regional foods, drink local wines and make beautiful photos.
We are really looking forward to welcoming you to this gorgeous part of France!  For more information, have a look at our website: In English and in Dutch

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